A variety of supports are available for MVCA students in all grades.

Has your student fallen behind and is now feeling overwhelmed and not sure which way to turn? Is your student still not catching on to the online school even though it’s been weeks since his start date? If so, help is available. Maybe your student would benefit from working closely with a Family Support Liaison on a Back on Track plan. Or is your student in a crisis situation that is affecting her school performance? Our Family Resource Coordinators and Homeless Liaison may be able to provide your family with support. The Family Academic Support Team (FAST) provides support to MVCA families in a variety of ways. FASL’s work with families on Back on Track plans, FRC’s provide social services, the FEC steps new families through orientation, the HL supports families with housing instability, and the CL attends to matters of attendance and truancy.

MVCA provides academic support for Math and Reading above and beyond what is offered in the general education classroom with a program called Intervention.  Intervention classes are taught by Intervention Specialists and are small group (under 10 students). Instruction in Intervention is designed around student area of need.  The goal is to help a student master a skill or skills that they previously struggled with.

Are you looking for help in school? Join Peer Power! Every Wednesday from 4-5pm students meet after school in Tutors on Demand to work together. Bring your homework and one of our expert student tutors will work with you in a breakout room. Don’t need help that week? These sessions are optional and there for you when you need them. Are you good at helping others? Join Peer Power! Every Wednesday from 4-5pm students meet after school in Tutors on Demand to work together. Our Peer tutors train to become student moderators and choose the subject they would like to help with. Our tutors build their own classroom and have a lot of fun working with others. When students need help with homework, they come to us! We work with students in grades 6-10 and our tutors are in grades 6-12.

For more information on any of these programs, including how enroll in these programs, click on the link in the sidebar. Or, contact Esther Freel, Family Engagement Coordinator at efreel@michva.org or 616-309-1600 ext 3160.